Robert Burns: A Life in Song

Skokie Theatre, 7924 N. Lincoln, Skokie, Illinois

Andrew Calhoun presents the songs of Robert Burns to the melodies to which they were written, with tales of his dramatic life, and a couple of Scots poems in translation from Andrew's book Warlock Rhymer: An English Translation of Robert Burns' Scots Poems (Artemis Press). Tickets: 847-677-7761 or online here:

From the venue website: Chicago singer-songwriter, folk musician, and author Andrew Calhoun will offer a rich and in-depth program comprised of songs, letters and poems of Scotland’s bard, Robert Burns, celebrating his 261st birthday (January 25, 1759).

For the past five years, Calhoun has immersed himself in Burns’ work, examining it from a songwriter’s perspective—a neglected perspective. Andrew says, “Though I’ve heard Burns songs all my life, he continues to challenge, amaze and delight. It’s a joy and a privilege to share his work.” His first Burns project, Warlock Rhymer: An English Translation of Robert Burns’ Scots Poems, was published by Artemis Press in 2017. He has spent the last three years researching the source melodies to Burns songs from 18th century song and tune books.

Robert Burns: A Life in Song will include background on the poet’s life, an appreciation of his art, and many of Burns’ familiar as well as lesser-known songs, sung with guitar accompaniment.You will hear the original tunes to Auld Lang Syne, Sweet Afton, Ae Fond Kiss, Silver Tassie, My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose, Willie Brew’d a Peck o’ Maut, Bonie Wee Thing and many more.