"Sometimes it is really refreshing to strip back to the essentials of the human voice, accompanied by a simple guitar arrangement, excellently delivered. There is a great integrity to this work. Andrew is the rock of reflective experience to which Casey, bird-like, can vocally soar around with  her distinctive strident and purposeful singing." —John Oke Bartlett, The Living Tradition, Scotland. 

 Veteran Chicago area folk artist Andrew Calhoun is joined in performance by his daughter Casey on vocals. Casey's pure, distinctive voice takes the lead on songs by artists from Karine Polwart to Dave Carter, and adds new dimensions of harmony and call-and-response to Calhoun originals, Scottish ballads and folksongs, and rare 19th century African-American spirituals.. In 2018, they releases their first duo recording, Skeins, featuring songs by Kate MacLeod, Leslie Smith, Bob Dylan, Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth,  Jack Harris and Robert Burns.

Casey studied dance at Dance Center Evanston, Gus Giordano Dance Studio, and Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle. She performed with Dan Bern in July 2006 on the mainstage at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. 

Andrew is a perpetual student of songcraft with deep respect for both tradition and innovation. In the forty-odd years that he has been a songwriter and performer he has created an impressive collection of songs from which he draws in live performances.  His recordings have been released on Hogeye, Flying Fish and Waterbug Records. 

"I have known Andrew for many years and have enjoyed hearing him play from time to time, but this - his playing with his daughter - is all fresh and new, and I loved it. These musicians are gifted at their craft and each brings to the other's singing a lovely balance and power. The music is both light and dark, giddy and somber, but always accomplished. Andrew is well known for his profound songwriting ability. His songs - some brand new, some old and well loved - always represent who he is and what is grabbing at him at the moment. Currently Andrew is very taken with an old book of songs he has recently discovered that were sung by those held in slavery. While this is a grim chapter in our history books, the music that Andrew is playing from this era is full of hope and interwoven with a profound and enlightening spiritual connection. Some of us may already recognize some of these tunes, of which he will play several, and he will also teach the audience a chorus or two so we all can learn a bit of this wonderful music. Casey is a delight - her voice is clear and crisp, her dancing is interpretive to a song or poem recited by her dad, and her daughter's banter with her father made me laugh. Casey has only recently started traveling with her dad but she obviously has been singing with him for her whole life. Their connected harmonies show the audience how well matched they are as singing partners, and her solo numbers are truly gripping and delightful." —Reverend Blair Hull, Stained Glass Coffeehouse

Andrew & Casey Calhoun by M. Dagenhart (click photo to download 724KB)

Andrew & Casey Calhoun by M. Dagenhart (click photo to download 724KB)

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