You Will Know God 

©2002 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Where Blue Meets Blue

The coming will fade, 
And the even, and the odd; 
And the silence will speak, 
And you will know God. 

Sunrise will arrive, 
With the child, and its name; 
And the stars will appear, 
As we all come the same. 

I wrote you a gift, 
And I folded it in fours; 
That gift is mine,
This gift is yours. 

From a hundred strong angles 
Come light beams and seasons; 
From three still triangles 
Shine thousands of reasons. 

From free-spoken tongues, 
To the swelling of the steeple; 
I live with my hopes, 
But I die with my people. 

From the peace in the field, 
To the heartbreaking violence; 
We will hear we are here, 
When we keep our silence. 

The coming will come, 
And the even and the odd; 
And the silence will break, 
And you will know God.

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    You Will Know God

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