When My Time Comes 

 ©1996 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy. 

When my time comes, 
I would choose to be alone, 
Breathing low, to an empty room, 
And then I'd lay my body down;
And I'd leave this world behind; 
Take my grandmother's hand 
Over to the other side. 

And I'd bring one song with me, 
It's the one I never sing; 
It's one that says nothing, 
And touches everything. 
And that song will be my boat, 
Upon the shifting river, 
I will sink or float 
And the journey will be over. 

Goodbye to hearts that burn, 
Goodbye to hearts that break; 
And I'll let go of the difference 
That was not mine to make. 
When my time comes.

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    When My Time Comes

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