©1996 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy.

Some dreams are too real to remember, 
Their beauty will fail in your hands; 
They'll stun you and float you downriver, 
You'll walk before long on the land. 

If poetry's mumbles are precious, 
Then all of our stumbles are too; 
We start and we finish with nothing, 
Where time gives your time back to you. 

I found your heart in a fever, 
You found my dream in a cave; 
We rose and walked on together 
In the light that eternity gave. 

As if God didn't move on the water, 
As if clowns don't scream in the wind; 
As if we could change one iota 
of how the old story begins. 

Where is the laughter and music? 
Where is the shouting and song? 
Why does love fly like the phoenix? 
Where does it hide for so long? 

I'm crawling back to my childhood, 
Tomorrow when morning comes true;
I'll run with the prodigal spirits 
Who save all their kisses for you.

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