The Promise 

©1978 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing.

I know that you're there, and you're leaning towards me, 
I've seen the future alive on the sea; 
Before every sentence, behind every kiss, 
Are we really in love, is it really like this? 

Lover, O lover, don't tie up my hands, 
Lover, O lover, don't mess up my plans; 
Don't fog up the mirror, don't forfeit the motion, 
But cry in the corner and sleep on the ocean. 

I have been taken from the safest black hole, 
I have been shaken beyond my control; 
And here I'm determined, with my foot in your door, 
Saying give me your treasures, and I'll give you more. 

I will be faithful and I will be true, 
I will be strong for you, I will belong to you;
And I will be silver, and I will be gold, 
And I will pour light in you when you are old. 

And I will share counsel when we are in trouble, 
And I will break statues when you are my double; 
And I will be sentry and soldier and lover, 
I won't let you die in the steps of your mother.