The One Who Wants to Know 

©2010 Andrew Calhoun 

I have not seen a combat zone, the old "kill-or-be-killed," 
But I have watched a cursed night, alert and iron-willed. 
Sometimes I seek to borrow, sometimes seek to give, 
Sometimes I remember it, these many ways to live; 
And so I climb the wailing tree, and so I break the fence, 
And so I stomp a clutching hand and call it self-defense. 
& where are you tonight? and have you found a way?
Or stumbled in the nursery rhyme that turns your colors gray? 
Any way you are now, anywhere you go, 
I will wait to hear from you, I'm the one who wants to know. 

I know it gets so bad sometimes, the good Lord notwithstanding, 
You'd seek to turn down that part, tomorrow's harsh demanding. 
Drive your car into thin air, take those pills and let it be, 
Look to leave your life somewhere, join your mothers and go free. 
Who knows what's across that way, something better, something worse, 
Here's to finding love gone stray on this pregnant planet first. 
Where are you tonight? in fever or in fold? 
Knowing no one knows like you the story to be told; 
Any way you are now, any where you go, 
i will wait to hear from you, I'm the one who wants to know.