The Model 

©1980 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy.

It's easy, it's easy for a girl to go blind, 
When she's got the sun in her face all the time; 
She's got the body, the water into wine, 
She'll lead you to heaven or a life of crime. 

She's a model, she does it better, 
She's a model and she's well put together, 
With the wind in her hair and the stuff in her sweater, 
She gets shot in all kinds of weather 

She's got two legs and a double name, 
She's found a niche in someone else's game. 
Good girl, bad girl, it pays the same, 
And she looks good in a picture frame. 

She's got a man, he's all fuzz, 
He's a good man and he loves her because 
Of who she is and what she does, 
And who he is, and what he was. 

He's a good man, he's a true man, 
He's a sportscar and sauna and a suntan; 
He's a number one and an "I can do" man, 
He's a go-getter and an airplane glue man. 

They live together, they've got no debts, 
They've got no worries and no regrets; 
They've got no children, no bugs nor pets, 
They've got their problems but hey, no sweat. 

Sometimes she will have a bottle, 
And say "you'll leave me for a younger model," 
He says "If I do, babe, I know god'll 
Strike me dead in my tracks for a while."

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