Single Roses 

©2004 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing.

Up and down the streets of Venice 
Streets of wonder, hope and menace 
I wander lost and laughing, while away the hours 
I saw a pretty woman there, and she was selling flowers 
A fiddle player's daughter 
Was walking on the water with her flowers 

Flowers in the bloom 
Flowers in the bud 
Free their wild perfume 
For the old and new in love 
She was in the morning singing 
She was hawking single roses 
To the old and new in love 

So many odd years later, give and take a crooked mile 
I saw a woman selling flowers, and I knew her by her smile 
And I wondered if she knew me, or what it is she knows 
Of love and song and beauty 
That she still could smile so 
"Beauty fades," she said to me 
But I will beg to differ 
With a wild rose held close to me 
Walking on the water