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    Shadow of a Wing

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Shadow of a Wing 

©2003 Andrew Calhoun. 


Rain steady falling 
Through the stretches of the night 
Like something silent calling 
From the darkness to the light 
But as for dark or light, love 
Well you are neither way 
I've learned to live without you 
And to hold you anyway 

A bluejay's in the garden, love, 
The old sun in the sky 
There's someone come to ring the bell 
And show me how to fly 
There's someone comes with brandy, 
Just as morning breaks 
I keep a shot-glass handy, 
I know just what it takes 

A toast to bear the Winter, love, 
A toast to cheer the Spring 
May the darkness that you walk in 
Be the shadow of a wing 
All waters find the heavens, love 
And fall to rise again 
This rain whispers the reason 
Why the calling never ends