Shadow of a Wing 

©2003 Andrew Calhoun. 


Rain steady falling 
Through the stretches of the night, 
Like something silent calling 
From the darkness to the light; 
But as for dark or light, love, 
Well you are neither way.
I've learned to live without you,
And to hold you anyway. 

A bluejay's in the garden, love, 
The old sun in the sky; 
There's someone come to ring the bell 
And show me how to fly,
There's someone comes with brandy, 
Just as morning breaks; 
I keep a shot-glass handy, 
I know just what it takes.

A toast to bear the Winter, love, 
A toast to cheer the Spring; 
May the darkness that you walk in 
Be the shadow of a wing; 
All waters find the heavens, love, 
And fall to rise again; 
This rain whispers the reason 
Why the calling never ends.