Sea of Snow 

©1973 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Where Blue Meets Blue  (lyrics reworked since the recording).

There's a sea of snow outside 
A sea of snow outside 
That troubles those who live 
And covers those who die 
It's blown up to your doorstep, from beyond the Northern Sea 
It's turned the morning savage, and it's turned the moonlight grey. 

And oh, my love Wanda is pretty and brave 
And she never asks me for what I don't have 
Sometimes she's white, and sometimes she's black 
And sometimes I fear that she'll never come back 

I saw a college boy skating on polluted lake ice 
He had thin earmuffs on, and no look in his eyes
The snow shook with the wind, as it twisted and flew 
On the surface of terror, where the boy twisted too 

In a weathered old house, I sat in a room  
painted white, where the cracks shone grey,  
And I sang what I sang, and I sang what I must  
And a teardrop rang out in a roomful of dust  
And the floorboards sang,  
"Glory to loneliness, Glory to pride, to shoes and to blues and to places to hide" 

The incinerator's filled with wet, rotten rusty cans 
The streetlight shone out through the fog to no end
In the eye of the pressure, people go different ways 
Some run in crazy patterns, others smile all day 
And some will worship on murderer's hill 
Where a dead body glows in the luminous haze 

The snow and the hail fell into the well
And hung for a spell
In the hands of black water
In a prayer that wavered and swelled.

There's a sea of snow outside  
A sea of snow outside 

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