©1986 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Hope.

Fog creeps up the meadow  
And it follows on the dew  
It settles on the window  
Blocks the field from view 

I need more love 
Than I can show 
I need more love 
Than you will ever know 

Don't hold me up against it 
Don't catch me when I fail 
Let me wander through it slowly 
Don't call me on detail 

Just like that babe in arms, dear 
Just like that hungry bear 
Just like that leaping lapdog 
Wrestler in a wheelchair 

And when I lose my focus 
Fooled and falsely free 
Then I lose my darling 
Wishing she were me 

And if I speak unkindly 
When I am half awake 
Let your love be larger then 
Than my last mistake

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