River Song 

©1998 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Where Blue Meets Blue. 

As I went walking, at close of autumn 
On a chilly evening, in the fading day 
There came a whisper, from off the river 
From racing water, I heard it say 
"I have loved you for so long 
And I have heard your morning song 
And known your arms to spread as wide 
As meadows on my riverside 
Oh, where's your footstep been of late? 
Your mirthful pounds of wading weight, 
And where's your echo's portrait gone? 
Like time's own healing murder song 
You skip me and then run along 
You know I cannot wait 
And where's the ghost, and where's the grace 
Upon your ever changing face 
Your steady, strong tattoo of joy 
My sweet romantic river boy 
I'd take you for a hopeless one 
Counting seconds, sun to sun 
Well catch me if you can." 

The whisper went the way it came 
A ripple twisting off like flame 
A tear of joy, and one for shame 
And I will wander on 
This well-worn path, this travelled trail 
This monument to flight and failure 
Taking care to note the weather 
Bald-faced moon and stars 
Adrift in some lost galaxy 
To hear a river speak to me 
Or even to a memory 
I walk on meadow's arms

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