Rio Bravo 

©1986 Andrew Calhoun, unrecorded 

I'd build her a home on the Rio Bravo 
Build her a home on the Rio Grande 
Build her a home by a flowing river 
Ten little Indians take their stand 
She doesn't need any home on a river 
She has a fine place to live 
There's not a thing that I can give her, 
Diamonds flowing through a sieve 

I'd build her a shelter from the snows of winter 
Build her a fire of sticks and straw 
Dream a dream that would live forever 
Fetch her free from a freezing thaw 
She doesn't need my warm desire 
She doesn't need any guiding light 
Finds her way by her own swift fire 
She has her own dream at night 

I can feel the seasons changing 
With the squirrel and dog and cat 
All my reasons rearranging 
Guess I can thank her for that 
Don't you cry and sing me love songs 
Don't you call and call my name 
Just you leave the future be 
Keep on changing, stay the same