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    Renaissance Land

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Renaissance Land​ 

by Andrew Calhoun, written on Matinicus Island 2017, based on Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. 

Out here in Renaissance land 
A tardy reconnaissance man 
Brought blueprints to the plan 
Packed up ​ in a prospecting pan 

O and what’s for breakfast? 
O and what’s for lunch? 
Can you guess the next question? 
O mercy, Captain Crunch 

I had a ditch to wallow 
I had a storm to fend 
I had a prince to follow 
And yet a fence to mend 
Out here in Renaissance land 

There's nothing left to borrow 
Out where the heart’s been had 
Where now there’s only sorrow 
No reason to be sad 

You lost in hesitation 
T​o look before you leap 
The dream was dead already 
Before you fell asleep 

It’s only for the pleasure 
A strip show for the blind 
We wander from the treasure 
We ever seek to find 
Out here in Renaissance land 

And oh my father’s sins 
And oh my mother’s merit 
​P​raise the humble thing 
That nothing will inherit 

The name of glory hostage 
The shuffle in the tongue 
The shift​ing of the​ language 
The hanging days begun 

We want what you got 
The beauty and the sum 
A blessing from your bloody throat 
Your promise peace will come 
Out here in Renaissance land