©1986 Andrew Calhoun, unrecorded 

Birth dance and death dance 
The rattle and the sword 
Rivers that go round and round 
Years go by the board 

Babies that go fishing 
Lovers that go blind 
Bottles float in black and white 
Colors you can't find 

Magic tales of rabbit wars 
Trays of wooden toys 
Much to eat and much to drink 
Many waiting joys 

Come along a pleasant road 
Dust and cloudy streams 
The heart of it and truth of it 
Flows between the gleams 

Banks of rock, banks of mud 
Banks of common sense 
Made by streams, they hold the streams 
And gain their recompense 

And every pencil sharpener 
Is waiting for a job 
So you may print your name and home 
And stand out from the mob 

And every little girl and boy
Is waiting for a kiss
So they can fall asleep again
And wake again to this

Love me when I wear my coat 
Love me when I breathe 
Love me when I talk or not 
Love me when I leave 

It's all the same and all the same 
Time is going by 
Full of tea and rocket ships 
A weary you and I