©1986 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Hope. 

I recall your nipples and gravy, 
Recall a very wild sky; 
Recall a man who walked and said nothing,
It was all a long goodbye. 

I recall your eyelashes and fruitcake,
I recall an unhappy dawn; 
Recall a gate that was often left open 
After the crows were gone. 

I recall your sandpaper midnight, 
Recall your long billowing dream, 
That you let me stand up and lie down in, 
That you let me rush between.  

I recall your kneecaps and notebook, 
Recall the still, dead lake; 
Recall the long seasons of rhyming time,
And the front that was not fake. 

I recall a shower in Memphis, 
Recall a razor in Maine; 
Recall a stronger woman who sang 
Till tears came down like rain.  

Here my tears come haply,
Here the light comes through; 
Here I am lost in my own country 
With never a breath of you. 

With never a breath of your reasons, 
Never a taste of your salt; 
Turned free from the tyrant hunger 
That finds no food but fault.

I am off in the full blue yonder, 
Out in the prairie so wild, 
Up where the flowers go crazy with blooming 
And dance in the mind of a child.  

I recall your earlobes and triumph, 
The ceiling and hypnotized cat; 
I recall great and small and the rise and fall, 
From longer ago than that.

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