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Skeins: CD

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Andrew & Casey Calhoun, father and daughter, have been performing together since 2006; Skeins is their debut duo recording.

“Skeins” refers to both coils of yarn and formations of flying geese. “Skeins of shining waters ask you patiently to hear” is a line from the second track, a 19th century Irish lyric called “Open the Door Softly.” Several songs on Skeins are by artists Andrew met through work with Waterbug—Casey grew up listening to their music. Casey’s other continuing passion is dance; she studied at Dance Center Evanston (Illinois) and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Skeins is melodic and reflective, spiced with spirited moments of fire. This is a sterling collection of songs. The overarching theme is one of moving through transitions with integrity.

  1. I Will Go With My Father a-Ploughing (Joseph Campbell/A. Calhoun)
  2. Open the Door Softly (Dion Boucicault/Herbert Hughes)
  3. When the Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan)
  4. A Rosebud by My Early Walk (Robert Burns)
  5. Girl With a Hay Rake (Jack Harris)
  6. Journey (A. Calhoun)
  7. Gun-Metal Eyes (Dave Carter)
  8. Mrs McGrath (trad Irish)
  9. When I Have Arms Again (A. Calhoun)
  10. Trumpet (A. Calhoun)
  11. Wild Birds (Kate MacLeod)
  12. Shine On Harvest Moon/The Glory of Love (Jack Norworth & Nora Bayes/Billy Hill)
  13. Midnight Pirouette (Leslie Smith)
  14. The Wren’s Nest (Robert Burns)
  15. Follow the Heron (Karine Polwart)

Andrew’s guitar, Andrew & Casey, vocals.

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