The Trilogy Trilogy
  • The Trilogy Trilogy
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Andrew’s first humor book, in the tradition of Groucho Marx and Christopher Cerf. The Trilogy Trilogy consists of The Unbehoven, A Tale of the Old West, featuring Nat Brogan’s showdown with the notorious gunslinger Kid Baby; Laughter Ours, comprised of “Better Bad Puns,” “Because I’m Neurotic” and “Sweating the Big Stuff;” and the epic Mem Wars of Andrew Calhoun by Andy Goodman, outlining Andrew’s career as a folksinging serial killer, “Marriage and Family,” and “Life Today.”

"One of my formative experiences came when we were living in a housing project in Union, New Jersey, which was infested with rats. My father told me to respect the rats and leave them alone. But when no one was around, I would mock the rats and stick out my tongue at them. Eventually, one of them gave me quite the dressing down, calling me an “insufferable jackanapes.” And that’s the last time I gave a rat sass about anything whatsoever."

Book design and computer graphics by Mary Lewis. published 2012.

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