Warlock Rhymer: An English Translation of Robert Burns' Scots Poems
  • Warlock Rhymer: An English Translation of Robert Burns' Scots Poems
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A book of schematic translations of 85 of Robert Burns’ Scots poems, with background and commentary, published by Artemis Books.

“Andrew Calhoun’s research is impressive. Not only is he a first-rate Burns’ scholar he also seems to know what Burns felt in his heart, which makes this exemplary volume a rich combination of scholarship and biography. A remarkable achievement and a must for every admirer of the great Scots poet.”

—June Skinner Sawyers, author of Bearing the People Away the Portable Highland Clearances Companion and the Maverick Guide to Scotland

“Robert Burns wrote in Scots dialect because it was the living language of the people he knew. He wrote with elegant musicality, so gifted songwriter Andrew Calhoun is well suited to transpose Burns’ Scots poetry into 21st century English. With meticulous accuracy, but also with lilt, grace, wit and empathy, Calhoun does the hard work for us, so we can read Burns as the Scottish people did when he wrote them: in the living language of our own times.” —Scott Alarik, music journalist, author, host of WUMB public radio’s Folk Tales

“Andrew Calhoun brings a lifetime of interpreting Scots balladry to this inspired new translation of Burns poems. Rigorously faithful to the form, imagery, and spirit of the original Scots, Calhoun is truly able to make the language “sing” in English. And not a moment too soon, because America needs Burns now– his resilience, humor, and passionate egalitarianism– to remind us that these virtues, and these poems themselves, belong to the common people.” —Anais Mitchell singer-songwriter, Waterbug, Righteous Babe and Wilderland recording artist, author of Hadestown

“For anyone who has wished to access the Scots poems of Robert Burns, Andrew Calhoun’s translation into English provides a welcome window. A fine songwriter, Calhoun brings his keen lyrical sensibility to their rendering. Often epistolary and occasional, these poems recall to the reader how poetry may function in daily life, elevating communication while remaining grounded in the poet’s place and time.” —Richard Shindell, singer-songwriter, Shanachie and Signature Sounds recording artist

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