Where Blue Meets Blue: CD
  • Where Blue Meets Blue: CD

Where Blue Meets Blue: CD

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Andrew Calhoun’s 7th album, Where Blue Meets Blue, offers 17 original songs plus covers of John Prine’s “Hello In There” and Kate MacLeod’s “Wild Birds.” Compositional ideas include guitar breaks which move song melodies into the dorian, phrygian, locrian and mixolydian modes. Guest musicians include Andrew Bird and Gerry O’Neill (fiddle), David Chickering (cello), Kat Eggleston (vocals) and Kate MacLeod (fiddle and vocals).

  1. The King
  2. Buffalo
  3. Roads in Disrepair
  4. Peach Song
  5. Portrait of a Girl and Her Parents
  6. Where Blue Meets Blue
  7. Vancouver
  8. River Song
  9. Cows on the Highway
  10. Wild Birds (Kate MacLeod)
  11. Baby-O
  12. Garage
  13. Hello in There
  14. The Golden Gate Bridge
  15. Politics
  16. Reflections
  17. Sea of Snow
  18. Flowers on the Weekend
  19. You Will Know God
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