Grapevine: CD
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Grapevine: CD

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" of the best albums of the year." - Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Recorded solo, voice and guitar, Grapevine is Andrew’s tribute to the folk tradition that has influenced and shaped his life. Stephen Foster’s “O Susanna” has been restored to its original length of four verses; “Casey Jones” and “John Henry” reworked to reflect new historical research. There’s a cowboy song, two whaling ballads, a river shanty, a spiritual, 3 old and one new song from Ireland, and a reworked “How Can I Keep From Singing?” that blends Robert Wadsworth Lowry’s 1895 hymn with folk versions. Inner sleeve features photos of: Casey Jones in the cab of his engine; Odetta; Vedran Smailovic, subject of Colum Sand’s song “Buskers” playing his cello in the rubble of the National Library in Sarajevo; and the cover to the original sheet music for Thomas S. Allen’s “15 Years on the Erie Canal” from 1905. 

  1. I Gave My Love a Cherry
  2. The Fox
  3. Gartan Mother’s Lullaby (S.MacCathmhaoil)
  4. The Little Beggarman
  5. O Susanna (Stephen Foster)
  6. Noah’s Dove (Dink)
  7. O Mary Don’t You Weep
  8. Hanging Out The Linen Clothes
  9. We’ll Rant and We’’ll Roar
  10. Sperm Whale Fishery
  11. Shenandoah
  12. I Ride an Old Paint
  13. 15 Years on the Erie Canal (Thomas S. Allen, arr Calhoun)
  14. John Henry
  15. Casey Jones (Wallace Saunders, arr Calhoun)
  16. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
  17. The Foggy Dew (Charles O’Neill)
  18. Buskers (Colum Sands)
  19. How Can I Keep From Singing? (Robert Lowry, arr Calhoun)
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