Portrait of a Girl and Her Parents 

©1993 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Where Blue Meets Blue.

The girl is 9 years old in the first two verses, then ages 50 years for the last one. 

They are here every day, 
And they walk in my dreams. 
Dull eyes and sharp tongues 
In a house full of screams. 
And they're here at the door,
Maybe watching for clues; 
Where I'm never caught lying 
I am ever accused. 
But there is always the world, 
Where the sun meets the grain, 
And the whole rolling ocean 
In the salt of my pain. 

There is nothing important, 
And nothing unknown. 
He's so busy, 
She's so high-tone. 
And I, their bright jewel, 
So rare and so pale; 
Like a fine china jar, 
Where the cookies go stale. 
There is always the world, 
I keep it hid up my sleeve, 
And I take it out dancing, 
When the company leaves. 

There is little joy taken, 
When your enemy's dead; 
And the wounds you were given, 
Are all in your head. 
Go tell the explainers, 
And tell 'em in time; 
They might have their answers, 
But they'll never have mine. 
There is always the world— 
I was never to blame, 
Where you can't be a loser 
If life's not a game.