Paul Scott Rap 

©1996 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy

He's a little aloof, he's a good-natured good, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 
In his torn shirt, he's a bit of a flirt, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 
You can find him all day at the cornerstone cafe, 
Earning his pay, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 

A cynic might say, "Hey!—Make something of yourself!
It's not enough to look like an elf." 
We say, "Hey, what d'ya want? 
He's managing a restaurant, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!!" 

It's confidential, a little-known fact, 
Last year, Paul had an infection of the urinary tract 
From dehydrating over a hot stove—
What does that prove? - he does it for love, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 

How many managers are cooks also? 
I don't know —Paul Scott is, though. 
Today, he's cookin' fish again. 
He went to school in the state of Michigan, Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 

The Cornerstone Cafe's located at 800 Dempster 
You can enter in the front, or around by the dumpster 
The manager's name, in case you forgot, is
Paul Scott! Paul Scott!! 

He was doin' okay, till he did one thing wrong: 
He asked me to write him a song 
This one's it, and here's the last line: 
I'm not sure if it's the end of his career or mine. 
Paul Scott! Paul Scott!!

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