O My Son

© Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy.

O my son 
I married your mother when we were fiery and young 
And through many hard times, to that guiding love I clung 
But no love shines in her eyes any longer for me 

I remember your first day at school 
The playground, and your red coat 
We kissed and hugged goodbye and I walked away 
And I couldn't look back, I just love you that way 

Remember the time when we drove around town 
And I told you about the pipes that run underground 
And you said "Could you talk about it again?" 
And I told you about the waterpipes and the sewerpipes 
How they run underground, and you said, 
"Could you talk about it again?" 
There are many things that we do not see 
But I see you 
And you see me 

And I won't forget what you did 
How you stopped your classmates from teasing the foster kid 
And if you never learn to hit a ball 
And you don't pick up your shoes 
I still know all that I need to know about you 

And I am with you, though I may leave 
Some things are hard to see 
But I love you 
And you love me 
And that's free 
O my son

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    O My Son

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