O’er the Crossing 

From Slave Songs of the United States, a Virginia spiritual published 1867. Recorded on Bound to Go. 

Bendin’ knees a-aching, body racked with pain 
I wish I was a child of God, I’d get home by & by 

Keep prayin’, I do believe, we’re a long time wagin’ at the crossin’ 
Little children, I do believe, we’ll get home to heaven by and by 

Yonder’s my old mother, been wagin’ at the hill so long 
It’s about time she cross over, she’ll get home by & by 


Oh hear that mournful thunder, a-roll from door to door 
A-callin’ the people home to god, they’ll get home by and by 


Oh see that forked lightnin’, a-jump from cloud to cloud 
A pickin’ up god’s children, they’ll get home by & by 


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