No Secret Castle

©1989 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Phoenix Envy
Also recorded by Hugh Blumenfeld on his album Rocket Science. 

Once we were so happy, once we were so young, 
Life just gets bigger and bigger, I feel I've got no tongue.
There's no hardship I won't bear, no tear I will not cry, 
There's no box I would not open—no place I would not fly 

There's a sailor on the ocean, who has stolen all the songs, 
The ones I used to write you, delirious and long; 
But there's no secret castle, and I have no magic key, 
There is nothing I can give you, without you loving me. 

Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart, 
I will bend myself to hear it, I will leave you in the dark; 
I'll forget about the morning, I'll forget to make the bed, 
In the evening there's a warning, and an oven full of bread. 

I've been searching for the fountain, while drinking at the dregs, 
I've been hiding on the mountain, where the eagle lays her eggs; 
And it's like I am struck dumb, and you are deaf and blind,
There's nothing I can give you that I have not been to find.

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