No More Cane on the Brazos 

Texas prison ballad, arranged and adapted by Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Bound to Go. 

Ain't no more cane on the Brazos, 
Oh, oh oh oh, 
It all been done ground in molasses. 
Oh, oh oh oh. 

Better get your overcoat ready, 
Well it's comin' up a norther. 

The cap'n standin' and lookin' and cryin', 
Well it's gettin' so cold and my row's behind. 

Cap'n don't do me like you done po' Shine, 
Whip that bully till he went stone blind. 

Cap'n cap'n you must be blind, 
You keep on hollerin' and I'm almost flyin'. 

One of these mornings, it won't be long, 
You'll call for me and I'll be gone. 

If I had a sentence like 99 years, 
All the dogs on the Brazos won't keep me here. 

99 years so jumpin' long, 
To be here rollin' and can't go home. 

Ought to come on the river in Nineteen-four,
You could find a dead man on every turn row. 

Ought to come on the river in Nineteen-ten, 
They was drivin' the women just like the men. 

Well I look at my old Hannah, she's turnin' red,    (old Hannah is the sun) 
I look at my partner, he's almost dead. 

Wake up lifetime, hold up your head, 
Well you may get a pardon and you may drop dead. 

Wake up dead man, help me drive my row, 
Wake up dead man, help me drive my row. 

Go down old Hannah, don't you rise no more,
If you rise any more, bring Judgment Day.