©1978 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Water Street and Staring at the Sun.

Moses painted the inside yellow, 
Moses painted the outside blue; 
And he covered his roof with shingles 
And he covered his body too. 

Moses was a little hungry, 
Moses was a little shy; 
Moses charmed us from the corner 
For another piece of pie. 

Moses married a fine young woman, 
And her name was Liza Jane; 
She knew Moses would be busy 
But she wed him just the same. 

Moses was a man of honor, 
Moses was a man of truth; 
Moses lay awake till midnight 
With an unsatisfied sweet tooth. 

Moses led the burning nation, 
Moses worshiped in the straw; 
Moses laid the new foundation, 
Moses anchored what he saw. 

Moses came from desperate parents, 
Moses went his desperate way; 
Moses bargained for salvation 
Now his children have to pay. 

Moses died and went to heaven, 
To the thunder and the cheers; 
Moses lost his mind in heaven 
And he cried a million years.