Moon and Sea 

© Andrew Calhoun, written December 2004, recorded on Living Room.  

Moon in full circle, gleaming on high, 
Pulls on the memory of the tides that sigh 
The name of the moon, the name of the deep; 
The name of the woman who watches you sleep. 

The shadow's in triumph, silent and huge, 
Extending forever your tiny refuge; 
One room in a million, one moon in the sky, 
Shines on your breathing, and the tides that sigh. 

They pound on the shoreline, then run like the wind, 
They batter the rocks, like fools rushing in; 
They come like the lion, they go like the lamb, 
To lie with the woman who knows who I am. 

She's like you I think, that glittering sea, 
That shines in the morning, when it wakens to me; 
From a night full of shifting, she sighs and she shines 
A path to the gold that no one can find. 

A pathway of gold, a path to the pearl, 
A scarf for the lover who knitted the world; 
From the height of the moon to the depth of the deep,
To the breath of the woman who watches you sleep.

Moon in full circle, gleaming on high.

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