Molly Cottontail

Found in Negro Folk Rhymes, Wise and Otherwise, by Thomas W. Talley, 1922. Adapted from dialect, Recorded on Bound to Go

Ole Molly Cottontail, 
At night, when the moon's pale;
You don't fail to turn tail,
You always give me leg bail. 

Molly in the bramble-briar,
Let me get at little nigher;
Prickly-pear it sting like fire! 
Do please come pick out the briar.

Molly in the pale moonlight,
Yo' tail is sho' a pretty white;
You takes it fer way out of sight,
"Molly! Molly! Molly Bright!"

Ole Molly Cottontail
You sets up on a rotten rail!
You tears through the graveyard,
You makes them ugly haints wail. 

Ole Molly Cottontail,
Won't you be sure not to fail
To give me yo' right hind foot,
My luck, it won't be for sale. 

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