Michael and Sally 

©1985 Andrew Calhoun, unrecorded 

Come along, Michael, 
Walk on through 
I want you to meet 
Somebody new 

Hello Sally 
Downcast eyes 
Hello Michael 
What a surprise 

They'll be friends 
Roll the dice 
Will they survive 
Their friends' advice? 

Wear the cross 
Wear the crown 
Never put your 
Brother down 

Michael and Sally 
Wear the strain 
Found that love's 
No end to pain 

Read the paper 
Toss the flowers 
They're bargaining like 
Foreign powers 

Sally's willing 
To mind the store 
She's always able 
To cut back more 

And Michael nurses 
His little sore 
And he speaks of peace 
But he dreams of war 

Michael and Sally 
Hand in glove 
I think they are 
Still in love