Lass of Roch Royal  (Child #76)   
Traditional, arr. Calhoun, unrecorded 

Love Gregory is trapped in his mother's world. His mother impersonates his voice - an act of witchcraft; perhaps the storm is one as well. Several ballads feature nasty parents, who co-opt their children's identities. 

"Oh, who will shoe my foot so small 
And who will glove my hand? 
And who will lace my slender waist 
With the long, long linen band? 

"And who will comb my yellow hair 
With the azure bayberry comb" 
And who will father my young son 
Till Love Gregory comes home?" 

"Your mother will shoe your foot so small 
Your father will glove your hand 
Your sister will lace your slender waist 
With the new made linen band 

Your brother will comb your yellow hair 
With the azure bayberry comb 
And God above will father your son 
Till Love Gregory comes home" 

"Oh, who will build a bonny ship 
And set it on the sea? 
That I may go to seek my love, 
My own love Gregory "

Her father built a bonny ship 
And set it on the sea 
With four and twenty mariners 
To keep her company 

When she had sailed the sea, the sea 
About a month or more 
She safely landed her good ship 
Near to her true love's door 

The night was wet and the wind blew high 
And her love was fast asleep 
The babe she carried in her arms 
For cold began to weep 

Long stood she at Love Gregory's door 
And long she rang the bell 
At length rose up Love Gregory's mother, 
Says, "who is that, pray tell? 

"Oh it is Annie of Roch Royal 
Your love come o'er the sea 
I've got your young son in my arms 
Come open the door to me" 

"Away with you, ye wile woman 
Ye've not come here for good 
Ye're but some witch or wile warlock 
Or mermaid of the flood"

"I am neither a witch nor a wile warlock 
Nor mermaid of the sea 
But I'm fair Annie of Roch Royal 
Come open the door to me" 

"Oh don't ye remember Gregory 
When we sat at the wine 
You changed the rings from our fingers 
And I can show thee thine 

"Oh, don't ye remember Gregory 
When we sat on yon hill 
Ye twined me of my maidenhead 
And sore against my will 

But open the door, Love Gregory, 
Open the door I pray 
Or your young son that's in my arms 
May die before 'tis day" 

"Away with you, ye wile woman 
An ill death may ye die 
Go hide your shame deep in yon sea 
Or hang on the gallows high" 

Slowly, slowly went she back 
As the day began to peep 
She set foot on good ship board 
And bitterly did weep 

"Take down, take down the sails of silk 
Put up the sails of skin 
It ill befits to make a show 
When there's no joy within." 

Love Gregory rose out of his sleep 
And to his mother said, 
"I dreamed a dream now mother dear 
That filled my heart with dread 

"I dreamed fair Annie of Roch Royal 
The flower of all her kin 
Was standing mourning at the door 
With none to let her in" 

"There was a woman here last night 
With a baby in her arms 
But I wouldn't open the door to her 
For fear she'd done ye harm" 

"Oh, woe betide ye, ill woman 
To think it not a sin 
That you wouldn't come to waken me 
To let poor Annie in." 

Then quickly, quickly rose he up 
And from the gate he ran 
And when he spied fair Annie's ship 
He whistled and he sang 

"Hey Annie!" and "how Annie!" 
And, "Annie, won't ye bide" 
But aye the louder he cried "Annie!" 
The broader grew the tide 

"Hey Annie!" and "how Annie!" 
"Dear Annie, speak to me!" 
But aye the more that he cried "Annie!" 
The higher roared the sea 

The sky grew dark and the sea grew rough 
And the ship was tumbled o'er 
Fair Annie floats upon the main 
But her young son rose no more 

Love Gregory wrung his hands and ran 
And plunged into the tide 
And sore he fought the raging sea 
Till he was at her side 

He caught her by the yellow hair 
And drew her to the strand 
But oh, her limbs were cold and stiff 
Before they reached the land 

And it's first he kissed her cheek, her cheek 
And then he kissed her chin 
And then he kissed her cold white lips 
Though there was no breath within 

"Oh, woe betide ye, cruel mother 
High hanged may ye be. 
That you turned my true love from my door 
When she came so far to me"