Kiss That Goblet! 

©1976 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Staring at the Sun. 

My friend the crater asked me to dinner 
My friend the crater wants my head 
My friend the crater wants to be a winner 
My friend the crater wants me dead 

You can see me some night when the crater calls 
Outside nailing my head to the wall 
All I've watched and what I've learned 
Must serve me now cause it's my turn 

To shake and quake and wonder why 
And retch and sock and twist and fry 
My shimmy is shook, my day is done 
Now I'm the crook and you're the one 

Something's spinning through the mesh 
Beneath the surface of the flesh 
Someone's gone down to the store 
We're all out of poison and we need some more 

Sun's gone down and the moon is blue 
Lightning down on me and you 
A spider playing peek-a-boo 
Has splintered all our points of view 

Don't you ever leave me when I need you 
Don't you ever let me down 
Sit upon my shoulders, darling 
Try and keep me on the ground 

Hang it out the window for me 
Leave it there to blow around 
Here I come in all my glory 
Running from the lost and found 

I will be here long as you are 
I will be here long as love 
I will be your sweet potato 
I will be your turtle dove 

Kiss that goblet when you break 
Kiss that goblet when you're crushed 
Kiss that goblet when you wake 
At dusk 

When your mind has coming to nothing 
When your feet have gone astray 
Kiss that goblet at your wedding 
Kiss it on your dying day 

Kiss that goblet, crippling thunder 
Kiss that goblet, weak and old 
Kiss that goblet six feet under 
Kiss that goblet freezing cold 

My friend the crater asked me to dinner