Ice Grows on the Water 

written 1973, ©1975 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on The Gates of Love. This recording is from 2018. 

There is not another, walking God's green earth, 
Who can save my soul, who feels what it is worth; 
A joke is not a reason, and the fire's not the rule, 
It's anyone's decision, it's not hard to be a fool. 

There's a special kind of sorrow, and a special kind of moan, 
For those that live together, but choose to cry alone; 
Please get off your barstool, come with me to the car, 
If you walk to your own heartbeat, you can walk anywhere. 

There's good in being a baby, and good in being young, 
And good in being a child, but no good remaining one; 
Someone told me of a campfire, where all the kids got burned, 
But the things I know that scare me the most are the things I never learned. 

See the frost on the window, how it curves along the frame, 
And the snow blows through the alleys, and people do the same; 
And the ice grows on the water, and the tear grows in my eye, 
When winter comes, and the madman runs, and things begin to die. 

And when I wake in the morning, I can't believe the rage, 
That tangles in my shoulders, and freezes every page; 
And I stare from twisted anger, through an ice-cold madman's face; 
Someone died in the dark last night, in a God-forsaken place.
Someone died in the dark last night, in a God-forsaken place.