I Shall Not Look Away 

©2002 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Tiger Tattoo

For Dave Carter 

Here's the smoke without the fire: 
"He's in a better place" 
"He's gone to meet his maker" 
and "What a tragic waste" 
Shock and sorrow, anger, pity 
All wrestle on the fence 
Between us and one starry heart 
That's flown outside of sense 

Though we may no longer meet here 
We love you as we may 
Though I may no longer see you 
I shall not look away 

No goodbye was spoken 
Somehow I think that's right 
You're in my tears at morning 
You're in my dreams at night 
The seeker and the teacher 
The poet and the sage 
The tortures of your journey 
Genius on the stage 


"I found nothing to believe," you said, 
Somehow I think that's right 
If the answer to the question's 
Out there buried in the night 
Where every star will falter 
Each bridge to dust will burn 
If it's from love we come and live 
To love we must return 


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