I'm A Rover 

Traditional song from Scotland , arr. Calhoun, recorded on Tiger Tattoo

I'm a rover, and seldom sober, 
I'm a rover of high degree; 
It's when I'm drinking, I'm always thinking 
How to gain my love's company. 

Though the night be dark as a dungeon, 
Not a star to be seen above; 
I will be guided, without a stumble 
Into the arms of my own true love. 

He stepped up to her bedroom window, 
Kneeling gently upon a stone; 
He whispered through her bedroom window, 
"My darlin' dear, do you lie alone?" 

She raised her head on her snow-white pillow, 
With her arms about her breast; 
Says, "Who is that at my bedroom window, 
Disturbing me at my long night's rest?"

Says I, "True love, it's thy true lover, 
Open the door and let me in; 
For I am come on a long journey, 
More than near drenched to the skin." 

She opened the door with the greatest pleasure, 
Opened the door and she let him in; 
They both shook hands and embraced each other, 
And wished that morning would never come.  

The cocks were crowing, the birds a-whistling, 
The streams they ran free about the brae;       (brae—a hillside) 
"Remember lass, I'm a ploughman laddie,
And the farmer, I must obey. 

"And so my love, I must go and leave thee, 
To climb the hills, they are high above; 
But I will climb them with the greatest pleasure, 
Since I've been in the arms of my love."

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