I Love Your Letters 

©2003 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing. 

I love your letters, more than a blank page 
For a poet of my age, it's saying a lot 
With a nod to my betters, I try it again 
Each now into then, each blessing forgot 

And I love your cards, so thoughtfully hand-picked 
Their pictures tell secrets the artists don't know 
From near, from far, question and answer, 
Dove and the dancer, the give and the go 

And I love your body, its turns and its phrases 
Its hedges and ditches, its swallowing ways 
So good and so easy, a season of mystery, 
Unscripted history, a prayer if you please 

And I love how I know you, love how you know me 
Water below me, body above 
The wild world below you, so restlessly turning 
All changed in this yearning to the breast of a dove