Hualapai Mountain 

©2004 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing. 

You may go there like you pray 
Don't look back or ask the way 
The door is open, you're always welcome 
Come whole, come broken 
Come anyway 

Walk on past your youth, it's over 
Sling your pack across your shoulder 
Walk the old road, stick your thumb out 
Stars are watching, see them come out 
One night older 

Travel till you reach the desert 
Full and empty, wide as ever 
Cactus with his withered wife 
Snakes and lizards cling to life 
In love forever 

Take a room, they're cheap out here 
Motel coffee, barroom beer 
Climb the hillside, rest your weight 
On the cross of love and hate 
Have no fear 

Wind comes walking, whispers low 
"I take you everywhere I go. 
Wandering on the dizzy heights 
Weaving through your sleepless nights 
I know you know 
I know you know"