Grandfather's Time 

©2011 Andrew Calhoun

Here's the scar from the time
When we climbed to the roof
Where the wood was rotten, 
And we flew to the floor.
Here is the closet 
Where I asked you to hide me,
And I slumped in the darkness 
Till the game was over.

Here is the candle 
That we made for Mother's Day; 
Through all of these years 
Flame never touched it.
Here are father's shoes, 
See the spider web in one; 
And dust on the toes 
From here to kingdom come. 

Here is sister's little room 
With the private sink and mirror, 
And the snowy alcove 
With the rocking chair. 
Here is grandfather's time 
Where you lay on a Thursday, 
Suspended in sunbeams 
In a sleeping barn. 

Here's the first kiss 
That you ever have 
From the only one 
That you will ever love.
Here is the shadow, 
And the hand grown thirsty,
And the patience unbound, 
And the dream of the end.