God Told Me I Could Come 

©1981 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Water Street and Staring at the Sun.

I walk into the room, it's decked out like a tomb, 
Strange priests were sitting round, strange people on the ground.

Chorus, repeat after every verse: 
God told me I could come, told me I could come, 
There is nothing I can do, that I need to prove to you, 
You've got to move some, 
You've got to move some.

I find my way at last, I echo in the past; 
I shy and drift away, come back again to stay. 
God told me &c.

It's a very special party, with Tom and Dick and Marty, 
Where the special people meet, with their coke and little feet. 
God told me &c.

Here we come in twos and threes, on our feet and on our knees, 
Saying thanks and pretty please, past the snipers in the trees, 
With our reading and our math, looking for the flowered path. 
God told me &c.

We come popping happily, we come singing harmony, 
But we lose it in the teeth, of the lying thief, 
And we lose it in the hope, of the hangman's rope, 
And we lose it in the eye, of the one who says goodbye. 
We come popping happily, we come singing harmony, 
And we find it in the way we rise up again today; 
And we find it in the calm that will not obey the bomb, 
And we find it in the love, that death can't shove 
From the face of one you know, while the rivers overflow, 
And the seagulls burn, and the oceans churn. 
God told me &c.

And when the time has come to choose, 
There will be no king of the Jews; 
There will be no prince of men, 
Only me and us and them. 
When the season frays, and the seas part ways, 
Best to loose your hold, on fool's gold; 
Best to rise from your knees, 
And to stand up with the trees.
God told me &c.