Glad Old Man 

©1990 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Hope

Written near Golden, Colorado.

I'm gonna be a glad old man 
I'm gonna be a glad old man 
Gonna sit on the porch and sing a sad song 
And I'm gonna be a glad old man 

I'm gonna have two doxen grandkids 
Bangin' on the baby grand 
But I won't take them to Disneyworld
Nor never to Disneyland 

Gonna take 'em out in a rowboat 
On a sweet late summer day 
Gonna float around and say nothin' 
'cause I got nothing better to say 

I won't watch no TV 
And I won't listen to the news
And I won't go to the doctor 
'cause I got better things to do 

I'm gonna plant 8 million flowers 
Fix supper for the local mutts 
I'm gonna sit on the toilet for hours 
And drive my old lady nuts 

I'll rest on the couch all afternoon 
She can tell the guests I'm sick 
But if she wants to get right to sleep at night 
She'll have to beat me off with a stick 

I'll be fond of my old friend 
And she'll be fond of me 
And I'll love her more at 94 
Than I did at 93

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