©1996 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Where Blue Meets Blue.

That old garage sure is dirty 
Didn't I clean it out last year? 
There's useless piles of stuff, there's old tires 
I can't recall whose car's they were 

John came by when you were downtown 
We moved the piano to the backroom 
It's out of the way, nobody plays 
Come on, you know that's true. 

When I was a young man I dreamed a blue streak 
And I sold the man's groceries 
Now that I'm older I live a grey silence 
And buy the man's groceries 

And if I didn't love you, maybe you wonder 
Maybe you wonder sometimes 
Where would you go, who would you go to 
What if there's nothing besides 

There's a hobo's bag by the can in the alley 
That's where the secret's kept 
What falls in the dark may rise up holy 
It depends on how you slept 

Let the kids go running, forget the laundry 
It never gets done anyway 
I'll help you unpack your bags, I'll listen,
If you want to talk about your day

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