©1981 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing

My love, she's a blooming lady 
She's a king and queen of men 
She's a green and purple lady 
She's got willing slaves and then 
She's got plenty of pain and trials 
She's got plenty of time to spend 
She's got fifty women in waiting 
She's got fools and dreams to mend 

My love, she's a false young lady 
See her in her wedding gown 
Set me up just to betray me 
Left my secret songs around 
She's got pills to make her happy 
She's got pills to bring her down 
Lost her heart to her own body 
Fears it never will be found 

My love, she's a virtuous lady 
My love, she's a virgin queen 
Promised me her wholesome body 
Promises to keep me clean; 
There's here boat come up the river 
Empty boat, where can she be? 
She's gone fishing in the water, 
Drowned herself to set you free 

Now my life's an empty vessel 
Now my life's a closing door 
I keep her dog, I hear her whistle 
Things I never could ignore 
I keep her house and her long garden 
A monument your children for 
My heart is buried in her stockings 
My soul is sold into folklore