Farewell Butterfly 

©2003 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Shadow of a Wing. 

Down at the fountain of you think I think 
Up on the mountain of me plus you 
Down in the valley of the jolly green gyrating 
Joseph and Josephine, red to blue 

I'm on the hill with the will and the killer 
I'm at the stage of recent death 
I'm full of bull at the affable taffy-pull 
Third on the list for president 

Come raise a ruckus, out on the midway 
Muckers and the truckers and the star struck fans 
Bring your wispy little mystery wristbands 
Your tribal bibles in your hands 

Stir up the dirty little flirty little murdering 
Death-trap love-trap, tangled wires 
I'm on the intake outtake back-breakin' 
Uptake, shake a hose to fight the fires 

April showers leave May hanging 
Out on the line with the noose for you
I'm number one and you're number one 
And we're all number one where it's coming to 

Sitting on the bed with the morning pay before 
You leave with another lover tight in hand 
It's rat-tail hope-chest, burning circles on your breast 
Jimmy Carter's navel in a root beer can 

Who's gonna stand up, who's gonna give up 
Who's gonna throw up, who's gonna die 
What are you afraid of, show us what you're made of 
Pizza pie in a bright blue sky 

Then it's road map, mud flap, hammer down and shut your trap 
That'll get you nowhere, saddlesore 
It's all a big joke where you gonna go to protest 
Any old apple that you care to core 

Go on baby, love little dickens 
Your sweet love for a month or more 
And then you're off to Hackensack, pony-tail, ruck-sack 
Cool Appaloosa on a hotbed chore 

I don't want it, you don't want it 
Stamp it into blood and gore 
Feel a little hot now take my temper 
It's your same old same old nail in the floor 

Say you're gonna miss me, turn aside to kiss me 
Somebody list me up for sale 
Tents in the backyard, oil gas and credit card 
Be another good one if the crops don't fail 

Back at the ranch of meanwhile any 
Wear clothes that fit you right this time 
Cause you're losing more waitin' for your money 
Where churchyard bells begin to chime 

Farewell butterfly, miss wavy gravy 
Buttermilk, milktoast, millipede and then
It's a hello Hellfire elements of fond desire 
Free your heavy heart and start again