©1975 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Staring at the Sun. 

She's gone, she's gone 
She won't be coming back soon 
Gone like I knew she'd be 
I got no company 
But me 

They'll laugh, they'll laugh 
Like when, my tooth fell down the drain 
I guess I made her leave me, 
Now Daddy's gonna hit me, 
Daddy's gonna hit me again 

My hair, close hair, cut curls 
Eugene is a very bad boy 
Making angels out of girls 
They bite me in the neck, 
They're not shy 

The sun, hot sun, close sun 
The sun is making fun of me, 
Oh Eugene, you're very young 
Oh, you don't know how very young 
She's gone, she's gone 
Gone like the flowers that spread against the sky 
Gone like a warm lullaby 

Eugene, Eugene, don't be mean 
Don't cry, why don't you go right on ahead and die 
Drain the life out of your eyes and sleep 
Go to where the sunrise is charming the armies to sleep