©1990 Andrew Calhoun, unrecorded 

I studied Tai Chi for two years in the late '80s with Elizabeth Wenscott. One day she said to me, "You're on a hero's path, but it's difficult for you, because you like to be invisible." It's a healing thing, to be understood. She was having a hard time getting recognition from her teacher, so I gave her this, from one of her students. Elizabeth founded the Tai Chi Center of Chicago. She died in 2014 at the age of 52. 

Is funny and serious 
And she doesn't need you 
She's got her own thing to do 

Taught me to move 
And cleverly teased away 
Years of misery 

When Elizabeth speaks 
The air gets cleaner 
And the silence quieter 
And time gets free 

Does her dancing 
On a higher mountain 
Than the judge can climb 

And on that high mountain 
There's not much company 
But light everlasting 
Where time is free