©1988 Andrew Calhoun, unrecorded 

There's a little boy in a doghouse 
Whispering to me 
Whispering to me 
Says, "you should leave," 
And I agree. 

Look at this picture 
That my scared brother drew 
I ask my scared brother, 
What should your poor brother do? 

Little boy in a doghouse 
Living on cornbread 
Says, "I don't have much to my name, 
But it's better than being dead." 

Somehow the best 
Became the worst 
It's here I'm drinking and 
Drinking and drowning in thirst. 

Little boy in a doghouse 
Smiled and he opened up his hand 
Says, "I keep no secrets here, 
But you must move to understand.

"When you receive the truth 
The sky will open an endless youth 
When you try to hide from sin 
It's a tiny universe to hide in."