Deliver Me 

©1978, 2003 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Walk Me To the War and Staring at the Sun. 

Wonderful seasons are used and past 
Wonderful seasons are over at last 
And now you must die, child 
Make it a gracious goodbye, child 
Mother, deliver me 
Mother deliver me 
Mother deliver me now 
Mother deliver me now 

Counting beats for the soldiers to go 
I lost track in the powerful snow 
"Oh, when should we go?" 
"I'm afraid I don't know" 
Father, deliver me... 

The streets are filled with the almost grown  
I can't stand to be naked alone  
Rise when the morning bell rings, child  
Walk where the morning bird sings, child  
Lover, deliver me... 

Heavy times and heavy pains 
Crying shames and singing stains 
Life in the hole, 
Masks on the soul 
Brother, deliver me... 

Dying seasons must wait to be torn 
Wonderful children must wait to be born 
Rise from the place where I fell, child 
Keep the lesson well, child 
Child, deliver me 
Child, deliver me  
Child, deliver me now 
Child, deliver me now