Day In and Night Out 

©1978 Andrew Calhoun, recorded on Tiger Tattoo. 

Teach my poor body to hold you 
Teach my faltering fingers to feel you 
Teach me to love you, and I'll love you more 
Than you have been loved before 

I will comb your hair, I will wash your feet 
I will hold to the place where our destinies meet 
By the side of the river, with a bee in my shoe 
I will wait for you, I will wait for you 
Day in and night out, 
Though I suffer within 
And I suffer without 

I was not born for you, you were not born for me 
We were born for ourselves, and we're both of us free 
To see everything that the waterbug sees 
To follow our passion anywhere that we please 
Day in and night out 
Though we suffer within 
And we suffer without 

If I were in heaven, and you were in hell 
I know very well 
I could eat my pride 
And I'd stand by your side 
And I'd burn by your side 
Day in and night out 
Though you suffer within 
And you suffer without

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